In the Tending Season

I'm crazy about peaches. I like to eat them whole, like an apple, leaning over the kitchen sink with the juice dripping off my chin. I like them so much that I may sneak away while my kids play in the other room to eat my peaches in secret.

It's hard to love peaches though. They're a fruit that requires faith. We invest in them when they are still hard, hoping for them to ripen to sweetness. Believing in the tender perfection that can burst forth if we catch them in that perfect moment. Sometimes that moment never comes. Sometimes they were picked too early and never lose their hardness or they were picked too late and the fruit has become mealy and bitter.

Peaches remind me of psalm 1:3, "He is like a tree planted by streams of water that yields its fruit in its season, and its leaf does not wither. In all that he does, he prospers."

Mommies, we may be firmly planted trees, but we only bear fruit in season. If we try to force fruit during the seasons of sowing, trimming, or abiding, from our sheer willpower to produce, it may be mealy or hard. The tending seasons require faith and faithfulness. We still do the work: water, weed, and prune. We move forward in obedience to the tasks God sets before us, but there are seasons with little to no fruit.

Yet we hold fast in faith. We believe that God is working--in us and in our little ones--as we invest with hope, waiting for the moments of juicy sweetness, the ripe fruits. One day, we'll get our peaches.

Dear Angry Toddler: A Letter of Repentance

Dear Angry Toddler,
I know that you don't hate me.
I know that you may actually prefer to be naked and free.
I know that putting on clothes may make you feel hindered and uncomfortable.
I also know that you may just be grasping for control wherever you can find it.

Dear Angry Toddler,
I'm so sorry.
I get so angry when you make my life less than easy.
I get so angry when you won't just listen and obey me.
I get so angry when I wonder if another mom could do this better than me.
I get so angry when I wonder if after giving you all of myself, you don't even like me.

Dear Angry Toddler,
I'm sorry that you see your anger reflected back in me.
We are cut from the same cloth.
We are both carrying the deepest need of serving the all-mighty me.
We are both sinners, and we hurt each other daily.

Dear Angry Toddler,
Please forgive me.
May the mercy I constantly receive begin to flow over to you when you are angry.
May I be an instrument of Jesus in your times of need.
May I set aside self to servant-lead.
May I lead you to Jesus, and his mercy seat.

Dear Angry Toddler,
We have the same need.

Jesus, forgive us and take the lead. 

Dear Overwhelmed Mommy

Dear Overwhelmed Mommy, I am praying for you. People say you will make it through this season, but it sure doesn't feel like it. Today it feels like endless pressure and  struggling to keep your head above the water.

Dear Overwhelmed Mommy, I am praying for you. Because seasons can feel like prisons or hospitals or psych wards. Because suffering through with grit and determination isn't enough.

Dear Overwhelmed Mommy, I am praying for you. Because I know that while you feel lonely, you aren't ever alone. When you feel like you can't take another step, he is waiting to carry you. When your own weakness never ends, his power begins.

Dear Overwhelmed Mommy, I am praying for you. Because this season will change you. Because you'll never wish it again, but you won't wish it didn’t happen either. Because God will use it to transform you.

Dear Overwhelmed Mommy, I am praying for you. That you will know Jesus better through your suffering. That these endless hours of monotonous, exhausting work will be where your relationship with the Timekeeper and World Builder becomes a connection to your Abba father, your sustainer and helper.

Dear Overwhelmed Mommy, I am praying for you. Because I know God has endless strength to see you through. Because his faithfulness never ends. I know these things because I experienced them too. 

Dear Overwhelmed Mommy, I am praying for you. Because I have been you, and because many days I still am.

Dear Overwhelmed Mommy, may I pray for you?
Leave a comment below or on my Facebook or Instagram and I would love to pray for you by name this week.

I am praying:
  • That your soul will find rest in God alone: Psalm 62:1
  • That you will set your mind on the things of the Spirit and experience life and peace: Romans 8:6
  • That you will experience God's nearness by calling on him: Psalm 145:18
  • That you will receive God's strength from your weakness: 2 Corinthians 12:9-10