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Hey there! I'm Maggie. Welcome to my little space of the internet. I love people, books, talking to people, talking to people about books, my family, and small-farm living.

 I was never one of those women who dreamed of motherhood. I dreamed more about how fun it would be to go on play dates with friends than actually hanging out with my own kids all day. But I knew I could handle it. I'm a very capable person, and it couldn't be that hard to take care of one little person. Boy was I wrong. My transition to motherhood was rocky and intense. I harbored anger, disappointment, fear, and boredom in my tired mommy heart. There were plenty of beautiful moments, of course, but mostly it just felt impossible. For the first time in my life, I didn't have the resources for the job I was given.

 As if I wasn't already pushed to my limits, I had three baby boys in three years. Now that certainly wasn't my plan. God so graciously reminds me daily that his plan is better than mine, so I've done my best to reorient my brain around the sweet pack of boys he gave me. To finally succeed at motherhood, I had to give up on measuring up and fall into God's grace. Eventually God asked me to speak up about it. He gave me a burning passion for women who feel disappointed and disillusioned by motherhood and are exhausted and overwhelmed by those persistent motherhood expectations.

Ultimately, that passion became my book, Unsupermommy. I hope you read it, not because I'm so great, but because God is. It's an honest, practical attempt to understand how God's grace and gospel impact the everyday struggle of early motherhood.

 I'd love to hear from you. You can find all my contact and social info on the connect tab.

While you're here, poke around a bit. You'll find hope for your imperfections here.

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