Friday Friends #3

Hey Friday Friends! Sorry I missed you last week. I fully intended to post, but then we got sick on vacation and I just couldn't bring myself to spend precious hours of healthy family vacation time on my computer. I know you'll forgive me. 

If it's your first time here, check out my first post to find out why you're not a stalker if we are just acquaintances or if you don't know me at all! This is a safe space to reach out and be friends. I'd love to get to know you through comments here or on my Instagram or Facebook posts. Also, if you ever catch me LIVE on periscope, please feel free to comment! I love making my social places a conversation instead of me just listening to myself talk. 

1. Speaking of hearing myself talk, when I was a teacher I would tell my students I chose that profession just because I loved to hear myself talk. And since I still love to hear myself talk, I do periscope now. I'm kind of joking...but kind of not. 

2. The boys have been sick since coming back from Florida. I feel bad that they are sick, but it's actually been a nice transition back to home. We've been keeping things low-key and hanging around the house. I really missed the comfort of being in our cozy place! 

3. Our district started 2 hours late on Wednesday, which meant that Isaac missed school altogether. It was supposed to be his first day back after vacation (since Monday he was sick), so I told him it was closed for snow with a super sad and empathetic voice, expecting him to get really upset. He just said "no worries, mom." It was too cute. Isn't it great when your kids exceed your expectations? I was so proud of him for that reaction!

4. I'm taking Zander (2.5) and Judah (18 months) to an ECFE class for the first time together today. I'm excited to meet some new friends, but nervous about managing 2 boys (who are often jealous of each other) during circle time. Also, Judah's reaching that attachment stage hardcore, so we'll see how he does when Mommy leaves the room! 

5. Confession: I'm more excited about the homemade guacamole I'm making than the actual SuperBowl. I actually don't even know who is playing. Oops! My best guess is North Carolina and ??? no idea. Someone please enlighten me.

Now all you have to do is share back! You can comment here, on my Friday Friends post on IG or Facebook, or even do your own Friday Friends post! Just use the hashtag #fridayfriendsmeetup if you take part on your own social media! 

P.S. The WEEKEND is coming.