Gospel-Driven Words: Writing for Heart Change

a one-month mentorship in essay writing

Have you ever needed a friend to come alongside you as you work hard at your writing ministry? I sure have. God has used that need to create a passion for ministering to other women writers and helping them hone their words with the truth of the gospel.

Why get mentored by me? First, I'm committed to writing (and helping others write!) words that won't just encourage and make women feel a little happier, but will lead to true heart change by the working of the Holy Spirit. I have a BA in English Education, a traditionally-published book about motherhood, and have been published such places as The Gospel Coalition, Risen Motherhood blog, and True Woman blog by Revive Our Hearts. I’m currently writing my second book to be published by Moody Publishers. I also lead a group of women writers and consistently discuss the spiritual, emotional, and mechanical aspects of writing with them while editing their work. I'm a current member of the hope*writers community. 

"Maggie's editing adds clarity by drawing out the heart of your message. For me, that’s always the gospel, which Maggie is particularly gifted to communicate. I genuinely wish that she could edit every word I share and trust you will be blessed by her skillfulness and wisdom."

- Hunter Beless, podcaster at the Journeywomen Podcast

"The peer editing process can be intimidating. Subjecting your work to the scrutiny of another person feels vulnerable and scary, but Maggie has a beautiful way of affirming and critiquing that is both disarming and sharp. Her editing has helped me to clarify and strengthen my writing, not just individual pieces. She has helped to train my mind to say more with less words, developing intentionality and care for my reader while maintaining creative control. She is truly a gifted editor and I am forever grateful for her investment in me as a writer."

- Abbey Wedgeworth of gentleleading.com

"Maggie is a gifted teacher and editor and a kind shepherd and friend when it comes to writing. She consistently brings clarity and effectiveness to my pieces and to my writing voice--which, before Maggie's help, was a complete mystery. Her presence and investment comfort me to press on in the hard ministry of writing gospel-words."

- Lauren Weir of Words Worth Noting

"Maggie has this wonderful ability to recognize, celebrate, and sharpen a writer's unique voice. In our interactions, she has brought forth clarity from my muddled thoughts and helped me discern how to present those thoughts in a way that's consistent with my voice and effectively serves my audience. Maggie is like the No. 2 pencil I faithfully brought to standardized tests -- sharp enough to cut, but used for clarity and excellence instead (and also looks great in yellow)."

Caroline Saunders of www.writercaroline.com

I'd love for you to join me in a one-month writing mentorship:

You’ll get one month of personal contact with me (Maggie!) to help you write a gospel-driven essay that the Holy Spirit may use as a tool for changing the hearts of your readers. If you commit to working hard and accepting instruction and critique, you should leave with a quality, submissions-appropriate essay or the perfect piece for your blog. The mentorship will consist of: 

  • 4 helpful emails that walk you through the writing process from idea creation to editing to final draft

  • 4 voxer conversations with Maggie: one each week to discuss email content and your questions (approximately 15-20 minutes each, 1-1.5 hours total)

  • Writing terms demystified, including: audience, thesis, outline, killing darlings, voice, pre-writing, free writing, inspiration, idea creation and storage, and word fat

  • 1 full essay edit by Maggie

  • 3+ action steps for future growth

  • Loads of encouragement from a friend in the trenches

  • Access to private Facebook group for Gospel-Driven Words Alumni

This writing mentorship is a good fit for you if:

  • You want to grow in gospel-centered content that creates opportunities for the Holy Spirit to change your reader’s heart

  • You want a simple process for writing a clear essay

  • You have a hard time moving from idea stage to essay completion

  • You’re intimidated by writing more words than an Instagram post

  • You want to try submissions, but feel overwhelmed at how to start (I won't be able to give you an "in" at a specific publication, but I'd be happy to give suggestions on where your essay might be a good fit)

  • You feel alone as a writer and need a friend to help you reach your full potential

I can't wait to meet you and help you in your writing journey! Join me by clicking below!