No mother can live up to supermommy expectations. Thankfully, God isn't looking for perfection. He's calling on imperfect moms to be faithfully plugged in to his superpowers.

In Unsupermommy, Maggie delves into expectations every new mom faces--for her baby, personal appearance, housekeeping, marriage, parenting, and more. She shares that by having three babies in three years God used the trenches of motherhood to transform her life, releasing her from the pressure of perfection. Her desire is to see discouraged moms freed from expectations prevalent in society, social media, blogs, and even their own hearts.

Maggie's candid motherhood story will inspire you to embrace your own imperfection as a means to receiving God's grace. You don't need to be a supermommy when you rely on a superpowered God.




  • It’s time for moms to step away from the self-help books, the comparison traps and the lies that flood our minds and hearts. When we begin intertwining the gospel into parenting, it is life changing for everyone involved! This book does just that and it’s a must-read for all new moms navigating the road to motherhood. The pages of this book are overflowing with grace and the abundant love that Jesus offers! Maggie offers honest advice and God’s truth as you start on this incredible journey of being a parent. Drink an extra cup of coffee today, tired mama, you do not want to miss this!
    — Kara-Kae James, Founder & Executive Director of Thrive Moms
  • After battling infertility for 3 years we were blessed to birth our sweet son. I knew the newborn stage would be an adjustment, but no one could have prepared me for the most challenging and debilitating 15 months of my life to follow. From waking close to every 30 minutes for over 13 months straight, to feeding challenges, to anxiety, to deprivation on every level. I often found myself on the floor rocking myself asking God why? What did we do wrong? Why was it so hard just for me, while others were flourishing? How was this connected to your plan Jesus? Unsupermommy answers the questions I so deeply wrestled with and still do wrestle with today. Maggie shares her whole heart and brings you back to the truth on every. single. page. To remember that we aren't self-sufficient and shouldn't want to be. That we have a Father that first loves us intensely and is using this season to grow an irreplaceable reliance on a fountain that never stops giving. Momma if you have questioned the Lord in this season of motherhood, please pick up this book and be encouraged, challenged and blessed.
    — Gina Zeidler, Blogger, Educator, Coach, & Lifestyle Photographer
  • Perfectionism crushes and suffocates. Unsupermommy is more than laser-honest confessions of a young mother’s angst. It’s an invitation to breathe and thrive. These pages are packed with wisdom and counsel that will set you free. Learn to breathe the gospel hope for motherhood.
    — Joanne Thompson Author of Table Life: Savoring the Hospitality of Jesus in Your Home. Speaker at Family Life Marriage Conferences
  • What mother doesn’t want to be the best mother she possibly can? I’m not a mother but I’ve watched this up close for almost thirty years now as my sweet wife has poured her life into our five children, so I can honestly say it is an amazing thing to see the sacrificial love of a mother. But along with the joys of motherhood, Combs honestly identifies one of the dangers that accompanies this great joy – the temptation to be the perfect, super mommy who falls into the comparison trap that leaves her deflated and battling despair over everything that falls short of the perfect ideal she had in mind. My hope is that God will use Comb’s honest insights to rescue mother’s from the pitfalls and free them to experience more of the joys, to the glory of God!
    — Brad Bigney, Lead Pastor, Grace Fellowship Church. Author, ‘Gospel Treason – Betraying the Gospel with Hidden Idols.